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MarketDial Webinar Series – Personalization in Retail With The Boston Consulting Group

By MarketDial / Feb 20, 2020

For February’s webinar, we heard from Mark Abraham, Senior Partner & Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group. The discussion centered on modern personalization in retail. We discussed how to think about accelerating your personalization journey and how to think through the elements that enable personalization, including data and analytics, tech stack, content-creation processes, and ways of working.

About Mark: Mark has been with The Boston Consulting Group for 15 years. He leads BCG’s global personalization and digital-marketing teams. Mark has worked with brands across retail, consumer, travel, healthcare, financial services, and technology. BCG’s personalization team includes data scientists, MarTech architects, and media and CRM experts who help clients deliver 1:1 breakthrough customer experiences across channels.