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Refer a friend, earn $5K!

How it works

  • You’ve got great friends, we’ve got great product. Make a referral and we’ll pay you $5,000 when your referral signs a paying contract with us.
  • The perfect referral: We mostly serve large retailers and CPG companies. Our typical retail client has at least 100 stores and our standard CPG client earns upwards of $1B in annual revenue. We’re looking for referrals in these categories. However, if you have any questions about whether we could serve your referral, feel free to contact us to discuss.
  • If you have somebody in mind, email [email protected] to talk with one of our representatives. From there, we’ll either arm you with information to pass along—like an email blurb and a short .pdf—or we’ll allow you to make your own personalized intro.
  • If your referral signs a paying contract with MarketDial, we’ll pay you $5,000.

MarketDial reserves the right to declare a referral ineligible for payment if it believes an abuse of the referral program has occurred.