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MarketDial Grows to Meet the Needs of Brick-and-mortar Stores

By MarketDial / Sep 14, 2018

In 2016, MarketDial started out as a two-person team on a mission to provide brick-and-mortar retailers with software that brings online-quality tools to their offline businesses. Today, the company is not only expanding the team, but also its future possibilities with new partnerships.

New Partnerships

Our company has grown according to the needs of its customers and their industries. The growth is only expected to increase. This year, we completed a funding round that resulted in a new partnership and $7.5 million that will assist in accelerating the company’s growth plans.

Our leadership team at MarketDial understood what additional funding would mean for the company, which is why it was important to find the right partner. As soon as we found Crosslink Capital—a Silicon Valley-based VC that has invested in companies like Pandora, Coupa,, and Omniture—it became apparent that the two companies had aligned visions for MarketDial.

We are excited to partner with the MarketDial team,” said David Silverman, a partner at Crosslink Capital. “We have a strong conviction about the core of MarketDial’s business. What the company has done to date is impressive, and we are excited about building the future of MarketDial together.”

Crosslink’s infusion of capital accelerated the growing process and allowed us to innovate and scale-up. One aspect of this growth phase is expanding our team.

As the growth of the company accelerates, MarketDial recognizes the need to grow our leadership team. For this reason, we’ve expanded the team in two key areas: sales and client success. Stan James was hired as vice president of Sales and Sharon Choi was hired as vice president of Client Success; both Stan and Sharon bring over a decade of industry experience to the MarketDial team.

Stan James, Vice President of Sales

Stan James is a SaaS software sales executive who has extensive experience working with enterprise products and clients. As the vice president of Sales, Stan is responsible for driving MarketDial’s global sales and revenue development. He focuses on growing the company’s enterprise, channel and client bases.

Stan brings 18 years of successful sales experience, leading high-performing teams for high-profile tech companies such as comScore,, True Fit and Omniture, which is now Adobe Systems.

Sharon Choi, Vice President of Client Success

Sharon Choi is the vice president of Client Success. Through customer feedback and research, she is able to create custom client success process that meets customers’ individual needs. She is a firm believer in using data analysis as a basis for business strategy and business improvements.

Sharon has 15 years of experience leading analytical functions with retailers such as PepBoys, Urban Outfitters, Guess, and Guitar Center. Her experience in business strategy, data-based analysis, CRM and customer loyalty, merchandise planning and labor/staffing optimization have consistently contributed to steady revenue increases for the retail giants.

Expansion into the industry and the future

Through the expansion of partnerships, funds, and employees, we are growing to better meet the needs of the retail industry. Our company is building the future of offline A/B testing. Additional funds have been the catalyst to this growth and by the end of 2019, our company is expecting to invest significantly in growing the size of the team to better meet customers’ needs.

“Our goal is to better serve our customers and help them innovate and grow,” said CEO Morgan Davis. “Their success is the reason we continue to invest in product and people.” The company’s goals have the potential to increase the short- and long-term successes of brick-and-mortar businesses and expansion is the way to get there.