Learn how DICK's Sporting Goods leverages testing to take data-driven action.
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Try MarketDial, the easiest, fastest, and best way to run brick-and-mortar experiments


MarketDial’s platform allows any retail professional to answer critical questions about their business through test and learn.

Whether you’re a beginner or expert in test and learn, MarketDial provides an easy, efficient, and accurate way to prove your ROI on initiatives. 

For a limited time, any qualifying retailer can utilize the MarketDial platform during a free trial for the rest of 2020 for free. Unlimited tests, unlimited users, unlimited free services.

About MarketDial

MarketDial is an in-store experimentation platform that makes it simple for any brick and mortar store to utilize test and learn in an efficient, simple, and accurate way. Allowing for each initiative being implemented by the business to be tested thoroughly and accurately through the platform, ensuring that each initiative has a proven track record and ROI. 


Testing for Stores:

With MarketDial Testing for Stores, complex analyses can be designed in minutes by anyone in the organization from high-level analysts to non-technical users.


Testing for Customers: 

Testing for Customers supports custom outputs/analysis that are optimized for your specific business. Where many solutions seek to provide users with a one-size-fits-all solution, MarketDial remains focused on providing results/analysis that are insightful and actionable, which is nearly impossible with generic reporting and analysis.


Impact Analyzer:

MarketDial’s Impact Analyzer leverages sophisticated predictive modeling and machine learning to estimate the financial impact of rolling out the initiative on a broader set of stores. 

The Impact Analyzer tool gives the user the ability to look at custom rollout groups within the sample and measure impact.