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Testing for Customers

Enhance Your Customer Experience and Performance Utilizing Segmented Testing

Testing customer initiatives requires retailers to understand the complex relationship with customers and the motivators that drive purchase behavior. Whether working with a CRM/DBM partner or utilizing your own POS data, the MarketDial solution can enable users to create complex customer A/B tests in minutes.

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How MarketDial Enables Customer Testing

MarketDial allows marketing and CRM professionals to build customer tests in minutes in one of two ways:

Upload your own test/control customer groups to create a test in MarketDial. The application will:

  • Analyze your samples and provide an evaluation of the quality of the sets to ensure proper test setup.
  • Quantify the fit of your overall test/control groups to estimate the confidence you will have in the results of your test.
  • Provide estimates for how representative your uploaded set is of your overall customer population to ensure results will be consistent during full implementation.

Or, use the MarketDial application to select custom test/control customer groups to be used in testing.

  • Utilizing predefined or custom customer attributes, select the customer persona(s) to be included.
  • Create an optimized control set for your customer test set.
  • Define primary output metrics and KPIs.
  • Optimize for duration of test and sample size to reduce cost of execution.


In addition to supporting test/control optimization, the MarketDial application supports custom outputs/analysis that are optimized for your specific business. Where many solutions seek to provide users with a one-size-fits-all solution, MarketDial remains focused on providing results/analysis that are insightful and actionable, which is nearly impossible with generic reporting and analysis.

How MarketDial is Different

MarketDial is focused on enabling users to set up the most accurate and actionable testing possible. We utilize a comprehensive set of data to create optimized test/control customer groups to ensure accuracy. In addition, we provide users with the ability to optimize for size of test population and duration of test to maximize accuracy and minimize testing costs.

Our simple interface and customizable analysis/reporting enable users to create customer-based tests in minutes and support a wide variety of analysis that deliver actionable insights. Customized to your business using your standard KPIs and analysis, MarketDial is able to provide insights that will result in improved performance and customer satisfaction.