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Test and Learn

Try MarketDial, the easiest, fastest, and best way to run brick-and-mortar experiments

Retailers who use MarketDial to test and learn prove the ROI of their initiatives-form pricing, promotions, loyalty, merchandising, operational, and more

With MarketDial You Can:

  • Design an in-store experiment
    in minutes

  • Predict ROI based on initiatives tested within the platform

  • Determine which initiatives
    are profitable

  • Get unlimited and free white-glove support for your entire organization

  • Design and analyze an unlimited number of tests, with an unlimited number of users

  • Integrate MarketDial’s data-driven test-and-learn solution into every department in your organization

  • Begin testing on the platform in less than two weeks, including onboarding, training, and data integration

  • Design and analyze both customer- and store-level tests as well as analysis on both impact or basket analyzer tools

  • Receive weekly updates from the MarketDial platform

  • Check out our additional
    resources here to see the benefit
    of testand learn.

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MarketDial is a software solution that is unlike any other. It’s designed to be easy for anyone to create, implement, and analyze an accurate in-store test. Data scientist not required.

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