Our origin story

Machine learning meets human learning

When provided with the best information, companies will make the best decisions. MarketDial began because we recognized a gap in access to accurate, in-store testing data. To fill that gap, we created — and are constantly evolving — a testing platform that integrates machine-learning-powered solutions with unparalleled human support.

Our people

Let our team be your team

We are fun-loving data enthusiasts with a rigorous, sophisticated science core. Together, our team will explore all facets of testing with you, helping you to maximize the value of your results. From test creation to implementation, completion, analysis, and rollout, we are with our clients every step of the way — guiding, informing, consulting.

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Our process

We love ideas. Innovating ideas. Brainstorming ideas.

We understand some ideas are better than others, and separating the profitable ideas from the costly ideas takes effort — and testing! Our platform analyzes, informs, and strengthens your diverse ideas, no matter how unique.

Our library

We eat, sleep, and breathe testing to give you easy access to the information you need

Our data scientists have established a repository of white papers with testing information, tips, and tricks to ensure testing success. Learn why testing matters, get best testing practices, discover how to create a culture of testing, and more.

Two pages from a document authored by Kaitlyn Coi, PHD, Data Scientist at MarketDial. The papers have the headers Reducing bias with advanced sample selection algorithms, and Unique KDF Application.

Ready to start experimenting?

Put us to the test. Let us answer all your innovative questions.