Serve up big insights

Design ways to reduce overhead, retain staff, and attract guests

To maximize profits in an ever-changing restaurant industry, you need a pan full of data mixed with a pinch of creativity

Plated food at a restaurant table with basket of bread and wine glasses.
MarketDial’s support through the testing of our new menu enhanced our decision to expand it systemwide. We are confident they will help us in exploring multiple of our strategic initiatives.
—Steve Cirulis, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Strategy Officer, Potbelly

Predict guest behavior with greater accuracy

Attracting guests should never be a matter of guesswork. A quick service restaurant believed that increasing prices in higher-income areas would improve overall revenue, and they acted on that belief without testing first. When the numbers weren’t what they expected, they conducted a retroactive test and learned that increasing prices had resulted in a 3% reduction in total sales.

Identify what processes are most effective

Just because your competitors are trying something new doesn’t mean you should jump on the bandwagon without testing it first. Because curbside pickup can be an effective way to reduce overhead costs and increase sales when it aligns with guests’ preferences, a MarketDial client tested to see if providing the service would result in an uptick in sales and traffic. They learned, however, that it provided a neutral lift with no impact on sales or revenue.

Plan ahead for increases in foot traffic

Knowing where marketing will succeed and the impact it will have on foot traffic can help you ensure you are adequately staffed ahead of time. One restaurant tested to see if increasing advertising spend in two markets would drive growth. It did. They saw a 9% lift in revenue in those markets and were able to plan accordingly with this foresight. Your customers will love you for creating short wait times!

Stand above the competition

Get agile testing solutions for your diverse testing needs

You name it, we’ll create a test for it. Pricing. Promotions. Loyalty. Consumer behavior. Staffing. Planograms. Operations. If you can innovate it, we can test it.

Democratize your data across every channel with a user-friendly interface

All levels within an organization can now be on the same page when synthesizing the information required to make uniform decisions.

Take advantage of the most comprehensive testing solution on the market

Because MarketDial’s singular focus is testing, you can be sure you are getting a state-of-the-art, robust product along with matchless client support.

Solutions by industry

Every great initiative began as an idea. But not every idea will be great. With agile testing solutions for diverse industry needs, you can know precisely which ideas will resonate with your consumers and which consumers will resonate with your ideas.

overhead interior view of retail shopping mall, four different levels of the mall with stores and customers shopping on each floor.


Find what suits both your consumer and your bottom line. Test to understand which products, pricing strategies, and promotions are the right fit for ever-shifting consumer preferences.

Aisles and shelves filled with various food products.


Ensure your products stand above the competition. Test to illuminate which merchandising options will shine the best light on your product offerings.

Aisles and shelves filled with various food products in side grocery convenience store.

Convenience Stores

Key into what drives your consumers. From EV chargers to donut displays, test to learn how customers will respond to your innovative solutions.

Grocery store produce section with rows and shelves of vegetables.


Learn what’s eating your profits and what’s satisfying your consumers. Slice and dice your test data to see just how your consumers are buttering their bread.

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