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In-store testing for brick-and-mortar Made Easy

Test your in-store initiatives with ease. When you need to know if your innovative ideas will succeed or flop, MarketDial provides the answers. Testing prevents poor decisions and emboldens great decisions. But don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself. The proof is in the testing.

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Utilized MarketDial testing to know which pricing strategies were most effective at harvesting the best margins.

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Optimized its touchless fueling app with the help of MarketDial.

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Substantially increased the number of tests run simultaneously, resulting in significant ROI.

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Applicable to all retail functions

Tap into the minds of your buyers.

  • Know definitively if a display change will improve buyers’ interest in a product.
  • Gain insight into which promotions will create sales lift.
  • Determine if pricing adjustments will have a positive, neutral, or negative impact on revenue.

Learn how your customers think, see how they respond, and meet their needs with our robust retail testing platform.

Know what works before you roll it out across your fleet.

  • Evaluate if loyalty programs influence consumer buying patterns.
  • Measure the sales lift in one basket against the lift in other baskets.
  • Determine if price elasticity varies by category.

Anticipate. Create. Test. Evaluate. Rollout. Ensure you know before you roll.

Grocery store produce section with rows and shelves of vegetables.

Give your product a front-row seat.

  • Know which types of visual merchandising are most effective.
  • Evaluate how pricing changes in one category may affect pricing in other categories.
  • Understand how different promotions impact sales, margins, and units.

Test to learn the best ways to get more eyes on your product.

Aisles and shelves filled with various food products.

Win loyalty with rewarding insights.

  • Know if the incremental investment in merchandising is worth it.
  • Evaluate which customers respond better to loyalty efforts than others.
  • Gain insight into staffing challenges and opportunities.

Learn which customers and employees are feeling the love, and learn how to keep speaking to them.

Aisles and shelves filled with various food products in side grocery convenience store.

Taste-test the savings.

  • Test menu and promotional designs.
  • Evaluate how staffing and management is impacting sales and conversion.
  • Know if seating wait times correlate to revenue gains or losses.

Insights come in many flavors. Now you can be sure the ones you are using align with your customers’ taste buds.

Plated food at a restaurant table with basket of bread and wine glasses.

Ready to work how you work


Obtain quantifiable data on whether your in-store advertising idea is resonating with your audience.


Protect your bottom line with data that validates sales lift for every initiative.


Understand how pricing changes impact individual product sales and overall sales.


No more spreadsheets and time-consuming calculations. Let our automated, machine-learning-powered solutions do the heavy lifting for you.


Explore ways to address staffing shortages and improve productivity.

Our data scientists are your data scientists.

MarketDial is more than a testing solutions platform, it’s a partnership. Our high-caliber data scientists become a trusted extension of your team, providing you with dependable, ongoing support whenever you need it. No metered, monthly hours. No hidden costs.

Johnny Stoddard, Chief Data Scientist And Cofounder

Johnny Stoddard, Chief Data Scientist and Cofounder

Johnny is a data scientist at his core, with a background as  a management consultant with McKinsey & Company where he helped executives from retail  partners address pressing challenges including: marketing,  strategy, commercial transformation, operations,  organization, big data, and advanced analytics. Johnny  has degrees from Brigham Young University in Economics,  Business Strategy, and Visual Arts. When Johnny is not  working with data, he can often be found spending time  with his children or in the mountains prepping for an  upcoming endurance race, mountain climbing, or skiing.

Lynn Zhang, Manager of Data Science

Lynn is an accomplished data scientist with a product focus. Passionate about working closely with clients, she is adept at translating their feedback into features that advance the MarketDial app. Lynn has Economics and Mathematics degrees from the University of Chicago, and a background in economic consulting. An eager learner, she revels in trying new recipes from different cultures, mastering the nuances of gardening, and challenging herself with adventurous hiking and bouldering.

Alen Delic, Data Scientist

With a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry and a Master of Science in biostatistics, you would expect Alen to be focused on data. Indeed, he was the lead biostatistician for the University of Utah’s Neurology department before finding his home at MarketDial. But he also loves teaching, working often with Yale clinicians to create statistical lectures for Yale medical residents. True to his roots in Bosnia and Germany, he enjoys traveling. Next up: an African safari and a tour of Southeast Asia. When he isn’t deep into data or flying internationally, he’s restoring
a 1993 Nissan 180sx and producing electronic music.

Zain Zawahreh, Data Scientist

Zain has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, with both a Master of Business Administration and a Certified Public Accounting license. Born in Jordan, she is Australian — residing in Sydney since 2015. She has a keen understanding of what it takes to be commercially successful, having worked within seven different industries in four countries. Her experiences have led her to five continents, with South America and Antarctica to come. Two active boys keep her on the run—from beach to bush to parks. Her passion, when she can find time to do it, is fencing. She envisions doing more of that in the future, perhaps inspiring her kids to follow in her footsteps. Hard rock powers the soundtrack of her life; sci fi anime entertains her and, perhaps, provides insight for what’s to come.

Kaitlyn Choi, PhD, Data Scientist

Kaitlyn’s biology degrees are from Bard College (BA) and Harvard (PhD). Her passion for learning led her to become a professor at Georgetown University, publishing a book on developmental biology and co-writing and starring in a Korean educational program, also on developmental biology. When these challenges no longer gave her that thrill of discovery, she focused on an even better fit — revealing the power of data science. Her role at MarketDial gives her the ideal forum to delve deep into data and then translate her insights into client business wins. That’s not the only thing she translates: as a South Korean native, she thinks in English, dreams in English but still counts in Korean. When she’s not inspiring people with data, she’s playing tennis, snowboarding, and learning the viola.

Krupa Patel, Data Scientist

Krupa’s love of numbers led her to obtain her Bachelor’s of Science from Carnegie Mellon in Applied Mathematics and Machine Learning, where she worked as a Data Science Researcher. Krupa’s background in quantitative analytics enables her to quantify and meet MarketDial’s client needs with precision. Perhaps her favorite number, however, is 30 – Stephen Curry’s jersey number. In addition to being a big fan of the Warriors, Krupa enjoys exploring national parks, creating montages of family and friends, and learning about different cultures. As if this isn’t enough to keep her busy, you will also find Krupa in the community, teaching, tutoring, and volunteering.

Maxwell Waun, Data Scientist

While he is also well-versed in Tableau and SQL, Max enjoys working with machine learning models and big data interpretation. He earned his Bachelor’s of Science from Michigan State University with a specialized certification in Machine Learning in Python. Max understands the complexities of retail, having started his own retail company, Stobies Apparel, while still in high school. Stobies’ primary mission was to tackle homelessness in Detroit, using its profits to feed and clothe those residing in shelters throughout the city. As a talented data scientist and humanitarian, Max knows on a first-hand level that interpreting data and supporting others goes hand in hand.

Ally Mauldin, Data Scientist

Ally graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor’s degree in math and statistics education and a minor in computer science. For three years her primary goal was to help teenagers at a charter school discover how math can be fun. She brought that passion and love for teaching with her when she joined the MarketDial team, where she now teaches clients how to make testing fun. Outside of work, you can find Ally mountain biking the Green Canyon trail in Logan or spending time with her husband and son. She also has been known to hold her own on go kart race tracks.

Ty Bodily Data Scientist

Ty Bodily, Data Scientist

As Ty was getting his bachelor’s and master’s degrees of science at Brigham Young University, he developed a passion for data and all it can inspire. His desire to dive deep into methodology questions led him to research and innovate ways to amplify analytic accuracy. This made for an ideal fit with MarketDial, where Ty brings his entrepreneurial approach to the powerful data discipline he continues to hone for the benefit of our customers. When not imagining the nuances of sample selection, Ty is playing piano, enjoying all that Salt Lake City offers to enhance his fitness, and reading fantasy/sci-fi.

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