Data Scientist Not Required

Simple, Accurate, Modern A/B Testing
for Offline Commerce

Knowledge is Power

MarketDial gives you the confidence needed to make smart business decisions. Stop making decisions blindly.

Don’t miss out on rewarding initiatives…

…or invest behind bad initiatives because you didn’t test.

We will help you discover patterns and new customer insights.

Easy & Intuitive

Big data can be intimidating. Create a test in five minutes with our simple, step-by-step tools.

Applicable for Any Retail Function

MarketDial’s customized tests allow any retail professional to answer critical questions about their business.

Hover over icons below to explore:

How well will this new product perform in my stores?

What attached sales does this new product drive?


Will my promotion drive incremental sales?

How do our customers respond to our new branding?


If I raise the price on select items, will it drive away my customers?

What products would benefit from a reduction in price?


Did our investment in new store signage draw in new business?

How much did we drive CSAT through our new store layout?


Did our new employee training program drive higher sales or CSAT?

How did our changes in staffing levels affect our store sales?

Employee Training

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