Tap into the minds of your buyers

Learn how your customers think, see how they respond, and meet their needs through in-store testing.

Knowing what consumers want, when they want it, how they want it, and where to meet them can be daunting when the target is perpetually moving.

Acting on foresight gleaned from data-based, tested results puts you ahead of your competitors in meeting consumer needs.

Our relationship with MarketDial has allowed us to test and learn in several areas of the business, particularly with store floor resets and visual presentations. We can measure impact in a limited set of stores before making a call to expand to more stores.
—Gretchen Ganc, EVP Strategy and Analytics, The Container Store

Evaluating training effectiveness

Pivotal interactions between employees and consumers can influence a consumer’s relationship with your brand, impacting both current and future sales potential. To improve these interactions, a MarketDial client tested to see if providing sales associates with enhanced sales tactics and training would drive increased conversion and revenue per visit. They found a 6% lift in revenue per visit and a 1% lift in revenue per transaction.

Be in the know about product preferences

Some things that feel intuitive end up producing unanticipated results. Believing the discontinuation of 4 white-label SKUs would not impact category sales, a retailer tested and discovered a -3.5% sales lift. By testing before implementation, they avoided costly product removals.

Identify which promotions to promote

Unpredictable doesn’t mean uncontrollable. Your team has some great ideas. Take control of your data by testing those ideas. One store reduced the price of their battery brand and discovered it resulted in a 10% lift in units, but unexpectedly, that was not enough to offset the reduced price, causing a 10% decrease in margin.

Stand above the competition

Get agile testing solutions for your diverse testing needs

You name it, we’ll create a test for it. Pricing. Promotions. Loyalty. Consumer behavior. Staffing. Planograms. Operations. If you can innovate it, we can test it.

Democratize your data across every channel with a user-friendly interface

All levels within an organization can now be on the same page when synthesizing the information required to make uniform decisions.

Take advantage of the most comprehensive testing solution on the market

Because MarketDial’s singular focus is testing, you can be sure you are getting a state-of-the-art, robust product along with matchless client support.

Solutions by industry

Every great initiative began as an idea. But not every idea will be great. With agile testing solutions for diverse industry needs, you can know precisely which ideas will resonate with your consumers and which consumers will resonate with your ideas.

Aisles and shelves filled with various food products in side grocery convenience store.

Convenience Stores

Key into what drives your consumers. From EV chargers to donut displays, test to learn how customers will respond to your innovative solutions.

Aisles and shelves filled with various food products.


Ensure your products stand above the competition. Test to illuminate which merchandising options will shine the best light on your product offerings.

Plated food at a restaurant table with basket of bread and wine glasses.


Consumer preferences come in many flavors and shift with market fluctuations. Test to know what flavor of the day is going to resonate with fickle consumer palates.

Grocery store produce section with rows and shelves of vegetables.


Learn what’s eating your profits and what’s satisfying your consumers. Slice and dice your test data to see just how your consumers are buttering their bread.

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