Intuitive test design

Setting up test parameters has never been easier.

Say goodbye to time-consuming spreadsheets. The MarketDial app automates the test design process to ensure statistical, scientific, accurate results.

Learn About Testing for Sites

Learn About Testing for Customers

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Our partners love to build tests with MarketDial

Create tests in minutes

Say goodbye to spreadsheets with automated, machine-learning-powered software.

Optimize profitability

Maximize ROI by decreasing investment risk. Avoid loss and invest in success with the foresight to know which is which.

Unify decision-making

Enhance company-wide communication with shared, universally understood results and data democratization.


Set your sights on your sites

When conducting testing for sites, the MarketDial app provides:

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User-friendly guidance

Move step-by-step through the test design process, ensuring every necessary parameter is properly set.


Optimal optimization

Reduce bias by selecting optimal test sites that best represent your rollout fleet.

Stylized infographic of product screenshot showing how the MarketDial software can help their client organize their results by representativeness scores, ranks available for each site.
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Incomparable comparability

Analyze test sites to find the most comparable treatment control sites.

The decision to partner with MarketDial was simple. The MarketDial team has proven to be a strategic, flexible partner that works closely with us on our needs to quickly turn customer data and insights into actions.
—Kristin Boyle, VP Athlete Insights & Marketing Analytics, DICK’S Sporting Goods
Confidence measurement based on adjustable measurements of stores and lengths of test.

Confident confidence

Adjust confidence levels based on changes to the number of sites and test length.


Cohort categorization

Break up treatments into different groups, allowing tests to be run at different sites at different times.

Stylized infographic of product screenshot showing a variable comparability chart, with treatment value, control value and rollout included as benchmarks

Machine-learning-powered controls

Utilize advanced modeling techniques to collapse variables when selecting optimal control sites.


Connect with your customers

When conducting testing for customers, the MarketDial app provides:


Data flexibility

Easily integrate customer databases to test both current and historical promotional effectiveness.


Optimal optimization

Utilize RFM modeling and user-defined customer attributes to determine optimal test group.


Confident confidence

Determine how large of an audience is needed to reach statistical significance.


Tailored recommendations

Evaluate what percentage of the audience is treatment vs. control hold out to determine recommendations.


Customizable segments

Establish segments for optimization such as frequency of purchase and last purchase.

Stylized infographic of product screenshot showing a view of the different segments that the MarketDial software can show the user, this enables a customizable interface.

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Our scientists are your scientists

Put a name to your numbers.

Find what suits both your consumer and your bottom line. Test to understand which products, pricing strategies, and promotions are the right fit for ever-shifting consumer preferences.

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Unparalleled onboarding assistance

Slice and dice your data with full client support.

Does your data feel daunting? Let MarketDial unpack it with you. We’ve got a team for that.

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In-depth data analysis tools

Give your test results context.

Utilize a variety of tools to help you make
sense of your test results. Learn what is the best rollout group
for optimal impact, what other basket items are affected, what attributes are driving the outcome, and what is influencing the lift.

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