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Why MarketDial?

Knowing what works and what doesn’t is hard- it can feel like a black box

Infographic showing how changes go into a mystery box and come out the other side as results.

With only our assumptions to guide us, we remain in the dark on which innovative ideas will succeed. Testing transforms our assumptions into knowledge by providing clear, data-driven answers.

MarketDial makes A/B testing easy for everyone in an organization, from analysts to data scientists to CEOs.

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Ease of Use

From beginner to advanced, anyone can now generate, run, and evaluate tests.

  • Our interface, automated data integration, and automated test management are user-friendly.
  • Our machine-learning-powered solution does the heavy lifting for you.
  • Implementation can happen in a matter of weeks.

High ROI

Increased revenue + decreased loss + time saved = high ROI.

  • Our algorithms enable tests to be run simultaneously with high statistical significance.
  • More tests equal more robust insights and revenue. Clients report 100xROI. Seriously. That high.
  • The total cost of ownership is lower than competitors, resulting in more tests for less.

Expert Support

With MarketDial you are championed by a client-success team that truly helps you succeed.

  • Our data scientists become a trusted extension of your team.
  • We give you dependable, ongoing support on a regular cadence, whenever you need it.
  • No metered, monthly hours.

What our Clients have to Say

At a time of significant disruption, MarketDial proved to be a reliable insights partner.

Stuart Taylor, VP of Business Insights & Analytics, Kum & Go

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The A/B testing culture that [MarketDial] created has helped us make much smarter decisions, both financially and for our customers, and it’s changed the way that we do business.

Joey Hobson, Executive Director of Category Management, Maverik

When you’re a large organization, most of your capital investments are multi-million dollars. If you just get one of those decisions right where it could have gone wrong, you’ve paid for it.

Doug Frank, Head of Space and Insights/General Manager for Data and Analytics, Woolworths