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Our partners love the MarketDial app. The user-friendly automation makes testing a snap so you can get answers you need when you need them.

10:1 ROI

Guaranteed. Many clients see an even higher return on investment – sometimes after only one test. With multiple tests, the ROI sky rockets.


Hours saved per test. Now multiply that by 12 tests per month, and you’ve saved almost 1,500 hours. More tests mean even more savings.

Save millions

MarketDial pays for itself after just one test. Most initiatives have real margin impact, and understanding that impact is crucial to managing risk. Changes are also operationally expensive; learning at a small scale that a $3M capital expenditure commitment won’t work is $3M in the bank.

Receive agile, attentive support

No two retailers are the same. Each has unique testing requirements and data streams. MarketDial’s innovative team of data scientists works with you to organize and incorporate your data, integrate optimal testing parameters, and define tailored solutions to fit individualized needs.

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Get in-store retail media network attribution

Many retailers want to monetize their physical space but need a method to track return on ad spend. Loyalty apps often only measure loyalty customer behavior and can’t quantify the marketing impact on all shoppers. In-store testing provides an accurate, quick solution. Both retailers and CPGs can test to know how retail media network advertising is driving sales on a product, category, and store level for a diverse shopping audience.

See omnichannel data in one location

Online and in-store shopping experiences are symbiotic. It’s essential to ensure your data encapsulates both if you want to optimize the overall customer experience. See how online marketing impacts in-store sales and vice versa on one unified platform. 

When you’re a large organization, most of your capital investments are multi-million dollars. If you just get one of those decisions right where it could have gone wrong, you’ve paid for it.”
—Doug Frank, Head of Space and Insights/General Manager for Data and Analytics, Woolworths

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