Learn how DICK's Sporting Goods leverages testing to take data-driven action.
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With MarketDial, You Can

Construct and Analyze a Perfect In-Store Experiment


MarketDial assists consumer packaged goods brands in building accurate and effective in-store experiments. CPG’s use the MarketDial platform across multiple departments to answer these questions and more.

Pricing and Promotions

  • How do different promotions impact sales, margins and units?
  • Are there some promotions that are more effective than others?
  • What impact do changes in price have on the business?
  • How does price elasticity vary by category or customer segment?

Loyalty and Customer Experience

  • Do loyalty programs improve performance?
  • How do new business initiatives impact customers?
  • Do certain customers respond to loyalty efforts better than others?
  • What types of loyalty benefits are most effective with customers?

Visual Merch

  • Which types of visual merchandising are the most effective?
  • Is the incremental investment in visual merchandising worth it?
  • Does changing the layout, flow, and design improve store and/or category performance?