Our scientists are your scientists

Put a name to your numbers.

Data and decisions go hand-in-hand just as people and problem-solving go hand-in-hand. Let our people help you leverage your data to make the best decisions.

Compilation of five headshots of men and women, data scientists.

Our partners love to build tests with MarketDial

Create tests in minutes

Say goodbye to spreadsheets with automated, machine-learning-powered software.

Optimize profitability

Maximize ROI by decreasing investment risk. Avoid loss and invest in success with the foresight to know which is which.

Unify decision-making

Enhance company-wide communication with shared, universally understood results and data democratization.


A testing center of excellence

Looking for that sweet spot of professional and personable? Having worked with hundreds of brands in the broader retail space, we know which initiatives are worth testing, how to effectively build a test, how to glean the most insight out of every test you invest in, and how to have fun along the way.

With our support, you can count on:

  • Regular business reviews to ensure testing and business strategies are aligned.
  • Guidance on how to create a culture of testing and establish test steering committees.
  • Benchmarking your testing practice with that of other best-in-class retailers.
  • Assistance establishing testing maturity and data democratization, including assessments, governance modeling, and access to the latest research.
Stylized infographic of product screenshot showing how MarketDial handles the testing process, showing a purple group of people cycling between Strategy, Test Design, Support, showing those to three orange groups of people labelled Leadership, Business, Partners.
Stylized infographic of product screenshot showing how the MarketDial software has flexible means of generating tests and showing results to their clients.

Data science at your service

Need support ASAP?

  • Communicate regularly with a dedicated data scientist who understands your business, working directly with you as your primary point of contact.
  • Enjoy having no quotas and no limits placed on how often you can use our services.
  • Receive 24/7 support.

More products

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In-depth data analysis tools

Give your test results context.

Utilize a variety of tools to help you make sense of your test results. Learn what is the best rollout group for optimal impact, what other basket items are affected, what attributes are driving the outcome, and what is influencing the lift.

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Test Design

Intuitive test design

Setting up test parameters has never been easier.

Say goodbye to time-consuming spreadsheets. The MarketDial app automates the test design process to ensure statistical, scientific, accurate results.

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Unparalleled onboarding assistance

Slice and dice your data with full client support.

Does your data feel daunting? Let MarketDial unpack it with you. We’ve got a team for that.

Ready to start experimenting?

Put us to the test. Let us answer all your innovative questions.