Identify shifting consumer behavior

Gain foresight into multiple aspects of buyer responsiveness across the buyer journey.

Humans are complex, but knowing how to connect with your buyer doesn’t have to be. When you understand what direction buying trends are moving in, meeting consumers’ needs is easier.

Grocery store produce section with rows and shelves of vegetables.
No major investment around changing the direction of the organization that requires capital should happen without the influence of MarketDial being used to test whether it’s going to be effective or not. Ensuring it is embedded into our processes and our disciplines is by far the most important thing that we’re doing right now.
—Doug Frank, Head of Space and Insights/General Manager for Data and Analytics, Woolworths

Understand product preference

Have you ever struggled to find your favorite product on the shelf only to realize it’s been discontinued? How buyers will respond to product changes is not always intuitive. A grocer tested to see if discontinuing four white-label SKUs would impact the dry dog food category. It did. The department experienced a -4% decrease in revenue.

Measure how consumers respond to promotions

Some promotions perform amazingly. Other promotions fall flat. Usually, it’s because the wrong promotion was delivered to the wrong audience in the wrong way. A grocer tested the effectiveness of geofencing interactive marketing. The holdout sites experienced a 5% loss in revenue when compared to sites with the geofencing, indicating that with this audience, geofencing was an effective marketing method.

Give consumers greater access to inventory

Is your empty stock pushing consumers to your competitors? When stock is not available, it can affect consumer trust. One grocer evaluated if improvements in their inventory routine would increase shelf availability and drive greater topline sales. Tests highlighted that while there was a neutral impact on stock loss, revenue increased 2%.

Stand above the competition

Get agile testing solutions for your diverse testing needs

You name it, we’ll create a test for it. Pricing. Promotions. Loyalty. Consumer behavior. Staffing. Planograms. Operations. If you can innovate it, we can test it.

Democratize your data across every channel with a user-friendly interface

All levels within an organization can now be on the same page when synthesizing the information required to make uniform decisions.

Take advantage of the most comprehensive testing solution on the market

Because MarketDial’s singular focus is testing, you can be sure you are getting a state-of-the-art, robust product along with matchless client support.

Solutions by industry

Every great initiative began as an idea. But not every idea will be great. With agile testing solutions for diverse industry needs, you can know precisely which ideas will resonate with your consumers and which consumers will resonate with your ideas.

overhead interior view of retail shopping mall, four different levels of the mall with stores and customers shopping on each floor.


Find what suits both your consumer and your bottom line. Test to understand which products, pricing strategies, and promotions are the right fit for ever-shifting consumer preferences.

Aisles and shelves filled with various food products.


Ensure your products stand above the competition. Test to illuminate which merchandising options will shine the best light on your product offerings.

Plated food at a restaurant table with basket of bread and wine glasses.


Consumer preferences come in many flavors and shift with market fluctuations. Test to know what flavor of the day is going to resonate with fickle consumer palates.

Aisles and shelves filled with various food products in side grocery convenience store.

Convenience Stores

Key into what drives your consumers. From EV chargers to donut displays, test to learn how customers will respond to your innovative solutions.

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