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With MarketDial, You Can

Construct and Analyze a Perfect In-Store Experiment

Convenience Stores

There are a lot of benefits of using MarketDial. We use MarketDial in almost every test that we want to pursue, we’ve actually made it a rule with our executive team, my own team and other cross-functional teams that we have to use MarketDial if we’re going to try a test of any meaningful size or stature. MarketDial really becomes that filter for us.”

Joey Hobson, Executive Director of Category Management, Maverik

MarketDial assists convenience store brands in building accurate and effective in-store experiments. Convenience store chains use the MarketDial platform across multiple departments to answer these questions and more.

Pricing and Promotions

  • How do different promotions impact sales, margins and units?
  • Are there some promotions that are more effective than others?
  • What impact do changes in price have on the business?
  • How does price elasticity vary by category or customer segment?

Loyalty and Customer Experience

  • Do loyalty programs improve site performance?
  • How do new business initiatives impact the customer experience?
  • Do certain customers respond to loyalty efforts better than others?
  • What types of loyalty benefits are most effective with customers?

Visual Merch and Store Planograms

  • Which types of visual merchandising are the most effective?
  • Is the incremental investment in visual merchandising worth it?
  • Does changing the site layout, flow, and design improve site and/or category performance?

Operations and Labor/Staffing

  • How do site employees and site ops impact site performance?
  • How does the way a site is staffed and managed impact sales and conversion?
  • Are increases in labor spend ROI positive?
  • How does a reduced wait time at checkout impact customer satisfaction?