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Testing for Stores

Optimizing the Performance of Your Store Fleet

Testing in sites requires specific data and analysis to foster accurate and timely decision making. With MarketDial Testing for Sites, complex analyses can be designed in minutes by anyone in the organization from high-level analytics professionals to non-technical users.

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How Do We Help?

The MarketDial platform allows retailers to use standardized methodologies to measure the impact of testing in areas such as: labor and staffing, promotions and pricing, planogram or space to sales, as well as many others. MarketDial’s unique approach combines statistical best practices with complex modeling and analytics to deliver comprehensive and actionable analysis.

In addition, the MarketDial platform supports multiple simultaneous site tests via out-of-the-box test management features. Users no longer have to manage which sites are currently being used in tests as test or controls, the application manages it all automatically. Systematic management of test/control sets enables the user to focus on creating the right tests and removes the risk of test collisions that often occur with manual management of sites is required.

The A/B testing culture that [MarketDial] created has helped us make much smarter decisions, both financially and for our customers, and it’s changed the way that we do business.”

Joey Hobson, Executive Director of Category Management, Maverik

Guided Platform

With our easy-to-use interface, anyone in the organization can set up the perfect A/B test. Our guided process allows users to build tests without the need for understanding the complex algorithms and statistics required. Our solution focuses on key business questions such as:

  1. If successful, will this initiative roll out to the entire fleet?
  2. Which product categories or business units will be impacted?
  3. Are there financial hurdles that need to be considered?
  4. Will this impact individual stores or entire markets?

Questions that any user should be able to answer if executing site level testing.

MarketDial takes the heavy lifting out of the hands of users and relies on the appropriate math and statistical applications to ensure tests are designed in a way that they are guaranteed to produce accurate and repeatable results.

How MarketDial is Different

While competitors may rely on simple sales pattern matching to select the appropriate treatment and control site set selection, MarketDial goes the extra step. Our selection process includes:

  1. Dozens of performance related site attributes
  2. Site specific attributes such as: Sq Ft, format, merchandise mix, site age, etc.
  3. 3rd party market demographic data to ensure consistency in market consumer profile
  4. Competitor data to identify high/low levels of competition in markets
Not only do we get a better outcome [with MarketDial], but we get a significantly improved accuracy.”

Mike Smith, Head of Finance for Format Development, Woolworths