HappyOrNot and MarketDial announce strategic partnership to enhance retail insights

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Salt Lake City, UT – June 27, 2024 – HappyOrNot, a globally recognized feedback management solution, and MarketDial, a leader in on-site A/B testing analytics, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing the customer experience and sales performance.

The collaboration leverages the strengths of both companies to provide businesses with unparalleled insights into the customer journey. HappyOrNot’s real-time feedback capabilities combined with MarketDial’s on-site A/B testing and decision intelligence empowers teams to deep dive into an understanding of customer satisfaction, site performance, and optimal opportunities for increased revenue and productivity.

“By partnering with MarketDial, experts in A/B testing analytics, we are able to uncover correlations between high-performing locations, HappyOrNot scores, and sales strategy,” said Scott Erickson, VP Global Partnerships and Alliances, from HappyOrNot. “This partnership allows us to offer our clients real-time insights that can drive meaningful improvements in customer experience and performance outcomes.”

Johnny Stoddard, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at MarketDial, added, “We are thrilled to join forces with HappyOrNot. This partnership enables retailers to make data-driven decisions that not only enhance customer satisfaction but also drive confidence in strategic initiatives that will generate significant revenue growth. Together, we are setting a new standard for business analytics and customer feedback integration.”

About HappyOrNot

HappyOrNot efficiently empowers retailers with real-time feedback on the customer experience, including emotions, reactions, and interactions with employees, physical environments, and other business touchpoints.

About MarketDial

MarketDial delivers decision intelligence by automating the data science behind in-store A/B testing. Accurate test results measure ROI, enabling retailers to know on a small scale what changes will have big-scale impacts. For retailers asking, “What if,” MarketDial provides answers.

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