How retail operations utilize A/B testing

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A retail operations leader’s job is complex and diverse. This multidisciplinary role leads change throughout the entire organization and is faced with many important, costly and high-impact decisions. In order to make high-impact decision making simpler and more effective, operations leaders can utilize offline A/B testing in almost all areas of their work.

By appropriately A/B testing offline initiatives, leaders can significantly improve decision making through the ability to automate test management, the ability to test multiple initiatives and the ability to provide consistent data analysis. Operational leaders can apply MarketDial’s A/B testing methods to many business applications including labor management, space optimization, and the customer experience.

Labor management

Offline A/B testing can help an operations leader determine the ideal number of employees it takes to improve the customer experience, drive conversions and see positive sales outcomes. In addition to the labor force, A/B testing can help improve many other aspects of labor management.

  • Labor processes
  • Improving and optimizing productivity
  • Employee training
  • Employee satisfaction

By using MarketDial to test various areas of labor management, the ability to make accurate decisions improves greatly while staying within the constraints of any budget size.

Space optimization

As many operational leaders know, store layouts have a direct relationship to sales but the impact it has on the business is hard to measure. Creating a culture of A/B testing in your business can help prevent leaders from investing in initiatives that do not result in incremental revenue.

We use MarketDial in almost every test that we want to pursue,” said Joey Hobson, executive director of category management at Maverik in an interview with MarketDial. “We’ve actually made it a rule with our executive team, my own team, and other cross-functional teams that we have to use MarketDial if we’re going to try a test of any meaningful size or stature. MarketDial really becomes that filter for us.”

As retailers test merchandising options such as store layout, shelf space allocation, visual product merchandising, window displays and more, MarketDial’s software will be able to assist in making profitable and avoiding unprofitable decisions. This reduction of waste will increase confidence when rolling out initiatives company-wide. When using the MarketDial platform to A/B test, operational leaders can be more confident and accurate in business decisions.

Customer experience

With the increased use of A/B testing, operational leaders are more effectively able to measure the impact of business decisions. Customer experience testing will not only increase profitability for the business but also customer satisfaction. Retail testing possibilities within the customer journey can include many circumstances.

With MarketDial’s A/B testing software, critical decisions become easier and allow retail operations to become more efficient and cost-effective for the business. As Aaron Simpson, the Chief Marketing Officer for Maverik said, “The bigger you get, the more important it is to get the test right. Those mistakes become more and more expensive the bigger you are.” With MarketDial, expensive mistakes like this can be avoided.

Labor management, space optimization, and customer experience are just a few areas in the operations department that can utilize A/B testing to greater capacity in brick-and-mortar businesses. With improved data accuracy derived from such tests, operations and business leaders can make significant decisions with more confidence.

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