MarketDial: simple, accurate, modern in-store testing 

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Introducing, MarketDial, the best platform for experimenting in brick and mortar retail, one of the worlds largest industries & revenue sources.

MarketDial combines your data with third-party demographic data to accurately determine your test stores, your control stores, the length of the test, and the confidence in the results. Then, as you begin the experiment, MarketDial gathers the data and puts it into an intuitive and insightful,  platform so you can analyze the results. So before you go ahead and raise the price of soda across the fleet, you’ll be able to accurately predict whether the price increase will benefit or bust.

Brick-and-mortar is a key part of the modern retail mix–don’t let your company fall behind. With MarketDial’s in-store testing, you can determine which initiatives to invest behind and which ones to avoid.

MarketDial – Simple, accurate, modern in-store testing. 

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