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A/B testing is widely used in digital endeavors but has only recently become more common in the offline world. When applied to brick-and-mortar stores, A/B testing is an extremely powerful tool. It is essential for offline businesses to apply the same analytical rigor that has been common in the online world since its inception.

According to Forrester Research, “Well over 90 percent of sales still happen in physical stores, so there is a huge, compelling reason to think about the physical store as a driver of sales.” In order to adapt to the behavioral changes of retail shoppers and an ever-changing business world, A/B testing is vital to improving the customer experience and ensuring that sales become profit through eliminating wasteful expenditures.

A/B testing various business initiatives on a limited scale, businesses can save an immense amount of time and money. Each test allows the user to easily analyze accurate and predictive data that will make the decision-making process more efficient and effective. Start using A/B testing to increase confidence in business decisions rather than making decisions on instinct alone.

About MarketDial

MarketDial is bringing A/B testing to brick-and-mortar stores. With over 30 years of combined A/B testing experience, MarketDial provides high-quality tools that assist in maximizing budgets through the measurement and evaluation of ROI in marketing, operations, merchandising, pricing and more.

As an expert leader, MarketDial is dedicated to helping every client perform accurate tests and improve their business. MarketDial has aided multiple businesses to implement A/B testing into their company culture. The implementation of A/B testing in these companies has increased test quality by 40 percent.

MarketDial is a comprehensive solution that offers numerous additional services as a part of its standard engagement compared to most competitors. Not only is its software exceedingly cost-effective compared to competitors, but it also simplifies the act of testing for the entire organization in order to create and implement tests more efficiently.

MarketDial is:

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Dedicated to your success


MarketDial’s software saves each business money in the short-term purchase of the software as well as saving money in the long-term when testing initiatives.

“I would tell you that [MarketDial] can save you time, but time may not be the biggest factor,” said Joey Hobson, Maverik’s Director of Category Management. “It’s the money that you can save.”

The MarketDial software platform allows for an unlimited number of users to perform an unlimited number of tests. When tests are implemented accurately, the cost-effective results are rewarding. One of our clients went from one user per year to twenty, doubling the number of tests run in their first year.

MarketDial also has a dedicated team of experienced data engineers to help with quick integration. Whether you are transferring from another platform or new to testing, MarketDial’s team can have you set up and ready to test quickly and efficiently so that you can hit the ground running.

Easy to use

One of MarketDial’s core mantras is that its software is easy-to-use. Anyone, with or without a statistical or analytical background, can use it effectively. Additionally, the software guides users through six simple steps to create a test in minutes. Such ease of use means MarketDial can be quickly brought into a company for immediate use.

“The benefits that we’ve had from using MarketDial, first and foremost, is that it’s such a user-friendly application for any member of the team to jump straight into and be able to learn with a very short training window and pick up usability almost instantly,” said Ben Rowles, Head of Macro-space for Woolworths.

From the hypothesis to the sample size and selection of treatment and control stores, each step of the software is made extremely simple so any employee has the opportunity and tools to become unified in a company culture of testing.

Dedicated customer success team

Unlike competitors, MarketDial also includes a dedicated success support team in its comprehensive package, at no additional cost. This partnership provides strategic assistance, training, and agile support. What makes MarketDial stand out is their ability to adapt and collaborate with their clients to meet unique client needs and requests.

“MarketDial is really invested in our success. They want to be a key partner, and they want to be on the ground making sure that everything we’re trying to do can be done on their platform,” said Keegan Magee, Director of Operational Analytics at DICK’S Sporting Goods. “We worked with MarketDial and their team of data scientists to do custom work on the backend. And it’s really this flexibility, knowing they are there to help us be successful, that makes them such a good partner.”

MarketDial embraces the idea of client partnerships through a dedicated support team in order to drive growth and experience success for both businesses. With expert assistance during every step of the testing process, clients can better leverage data and make smarter decisions to drive the business forward.

“What I like about MarketDial and the team is that they’re responsive, they’re adaptive and they’re progressive,” said Doug Frank, Head of Space and Insights and General Manager of Data and Analytics for Woolworths.

Why is MarketDial right for your business?

Between the software and service, MarketDial becomes a partnership that goes beyond features. MarketDial is consistently investing in its clients’ businesses to prove a great benefit to each partner through its easy-to-use and cost-effective software. Matched with its high-touch service model, testing is more accurate and uniform across an unlimited number of tests, bringing increased confidence in decision making.

The benefits of MarketDial include:

  • Enhanced, accurate data
  • Strengthened, consistent results
  • Increased confidence in decision making

Enhanced, accurate data

Many businesses do not have resources to conduct the rigorous mathematical and statistical efforts required to properly create and analyze test initiatives. MarketDial does the work for you. MarketDial’s test management software uses a rigorous experiment design to eliminate the need for manual intervention in test implementation. This automated system performs robust statistical computations that proper testing requires.

Utilizing the MarketDial platform, businesses can create more precise tests, reduce human bias and improve the accuracy of results. Automating the testing process allows businesses to adapt and iterate faster and increase efficiency.

The MarketDial software platform allows for an unlimited number of users to perform an unlimited number of tests. When tests are implemented accurately the cost-effective results are rewarding.

Enhanced accurate data also creates more time for employees to analyze and learn from the results. “What we’ve found through MarketDial is a person spending two days a week just wading through data has cut their time down to two hours a week,” said Smith. “So, not only do we get a better outcome, but we also get significantly improved accuracy.”

Strengthened, consistent results

MarketDial’s software guides users through a simple, six-step process which ensures that the results are accurate and as unbiased as possible. The data produced can be used to evaluate initiatives across a number of business verticals including visual merchandising, operations, pricing, marketing, labor management and more. This testing approach produces more accurate and consistent data across initiatives that optimize and increase confidence in business decisions.

MarketDial supports:

  • Category management
  • Finance
  • Labor management
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Pricing/Promotion
  • Visual merchandising
  • And more!
The best data-driven companies don’t just passively store and analyze data, they actively generate actionable data by running experiments,” said Wyatt Jenkins in the Harvard Business Review. “The secret to getting value from data is testing, and if you’re looking to grow your…business, implementing well-executed, consistent A/B testing is a necessity.”

Implementing a culture of A/B testing results in a more consistent and thorough analysis. In addition, MarketDial’s team of expert analysts are available to assist in test design and analysis phases to ensure that initiatives are properly evaluated.

Increased confidence in decision making

Through consistent testing and accurate results, business leaders can have increased confidence in their decision-making processes. Leveraging test results turns data into actions and moves the company together toward success. “We don’t have to make big sweeping decisions, huge bets or risks because we can throw it into a few stores,” said Hobson. “Then, with statistics in the MarketDial platform, we can decide if it’s something we want to roll out to a much larger platform.”

With a comprehensive software package that is cost-effective, easy-to-use and includes a dedicated support team, MarketDial brings the benefits of accurate data, consistent results and confidence in decision making. Seize the power of A/B testing in your retail business with MarketDial.

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