A toast to testing: May 2023

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MarketDial champions all retailers who test. And, while we undoubtedly want retailers to test with us, we believe anyone conducting tests deserves a shout out. Join us each month as we raise a toast to some of the remarkable initiatives being tested by diverse retail organizations.

Wendy’s tests out AI chatbots at the drive-thru

Wendy’s is partnering with Google Cloud to test if generative AI can create a more seamless drive-thru ordering experience. The AI will be able to converse with customers, respond to frequently asked questions, and understand specific order requests. While AI effectiveness can be complicated by ambient noise, made-to-order, and complicated menus, Wendy’s believes this generative AI can bring new automation to enhance the drive-thru experience.

Stinker Stores pilots customer feedback program

Stinker Stores cares what its customers think. It’s utilizing FeedbackNow to allow customers to provide feedback at shopping touchpoints. The initiative is one of many being implemented by Stinker Stores to understand and optimize the customer experience. Additional promotions include digital fuel and retail intelligence platforms.

Yahoo! Japan partners with PayPay to test face biometrics payment platform

Is your face worth a million bucks? Yahoo! Mart Yoyogi Uehara in Tokyo has teamed up with PayPay, a Japanese e-payment service firm, to test biometric face payments. Users enroll their biometrics along with an ID in a PayPay account and pre-register before visiting the convenience store. Once there, all that is needed to check out is the scanned product barcodes and your beautiful faces.

Kintra Fibers secures $8M series A funding to road-test bio-based polyester
In a round of funding led by H&M Group, Kintra has secured the means to test its versatile bio-based yarns and fabrics. In comparing their production processes to the processes of traditional polyester, they discovered their process could possibly reduce water usage by 30%, energy consumption by 20% and GHG emissions by 95%.

McDonald’s tests out cold coffee brew

If you live in sunny, Southern California, then you may be privy to a new McDonald’s menu item: cold brew. But that’s not all; McDonald’s will also offer a new marble flavor, featuring light cream and syrup. The regular cold brew will be plain black coffee but offers customized flavorings of caramel, French vanilla, and chocolate along with cream and sugar.

How about you? What are you testing? Did you know testing enables you to see the impact of your ingenious ideas before implementing a large-scale rollout?

Make informed decisions by putting all your retail initiatives to the test with MarketDial. Learn more about the retailers who trust us as their test-and-learn partner, and read about the exciting things tested and toasted by MarketDial here: Case Studies

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