Characteristics of a good partnership

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A group of four people sit in a circle. A woman seen from behind extends her hand to a man facing the camera who is also extending his hand about to shake hands. A strong partnership is valuable to all business endeavors.

As many businesses focus on partner-vendor relationships, MarketDial embraces the idea of client partnerships to drive growth, experience, and success for both businesses. Their comprehensive approach to partnership includes strategy, engagement, flexibility, and investment in learning about their clients’ businesses. With expert assistance during every step of the testing process, clients can better leverage data and make smarter decisions to drive business.

A strategic partnership

With over 30 years of combined A/B testing experience, MarketDial’s employees are industry experts. MarketDial benefits its clients by challenging ideas, methodologies and showcasing different use-case scenarios for A/B testing. Businesses that utilize both the software and expertise together can start A/B testing more strategically and receive desired results for better decision making.

[MarketDial] challenges us on ideas, systems and methodologies, and even processes that can be improved,” said Joey Hobson, director of category management at Maverik in an interview with MarketDial. “Because of that, I look forward to how this partnership will develop over the next few years.”

The strategic collaboration between MarketDial and its partners helps both businesses leverage data and grow.

An engaged and flexible partner

As an engaged and flexible partner, MarketDial provides consistent trainings for clients and their employees. In addition to trainings, an active success team is designated to each client. Through constant engagement, businesses can adapt easily when needed.

MarketDial takes pride in its client-dedicated support teams. The support teams are engaged, flexible, interactive, and informed with our partners. As the clients learn more about the software in trainings, MarketDial is consistently learning about the client’s business.

“What I like about MarketDial and the team is that they’re responsive, they’re adaptive and they’re progressive,” said Doug Frank, head of space and insights and general manager of data and analytics for Woolworths.

MarketDial continually gathers information and insights from partners to update its product according to the partner’s specifications and requests. This allows MarketDial, and the software, to remain flexible and adaptable.

They’ve listened,” said Mike Smith, head of finance for format development at Woolworths. “It’s been a very easy relationship for us to say, ‘hey, we love the tool, but if we could tweak it or do something differently,’ or ‘this doesn’t quite suit us’ or ‘can you help?’ The only real response we’ve had is, ‘yes, I can for sure.’”

An invested partner

MarketDial employees invest time in their clients. They invest energy in their clients as they strive to understand the clients’ businesses. With knowledge about the client, MarketDial employees can prioritize the product, assist the client to successfully A/B test and make smarter business decisions.

They’ve challenged us where maybe our thinking probably isn’t in the right direction,” said Smith. “This is a great working relationship, and I think vital, in the terms of the success of this tool as well as how it’s landed us in our business.”

With multiple partnerships, MarketDial has proven to be invested in its clients by leveraging decisions and challenging thoughts. Investing time and energy to understand the partners’ goals proves MarketDial’s value. Through consistent strategy, engaged and flexible activity, and leadership investment, MarketDial shows a willingness to adapt as the result of a comprehensive partnership and not just a vendor.

I would describe MarketDial as a willing partner, an ambitious partner,” said Maverik’s director of category management, Joey Hobson. “They have their eyes set on doing big things and changing retail. I look forward to working with them because they bring ideas we haven’t thought of.”

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