Dollar Tree and Family Dollar select MarketDial as their new test and learn partner

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Dollar Tree, one of the nation’s leading discount retailers, has chosen to partner with MarketDial as its new test-and-learn solution provider. MarketDial will provide Dollar Tree with advanced analytics and testing capabilities to help optimize and improve in-store merchandising and other growth efforts.

“We are excited to partner with MarketDial,” said Michael DeVries, VP, Transformation Management Office at Dollar Tree Stores. “The MarketDial platform offers the flexibility and value we need to optimize our in-store strategies and ensure that we are providing the best possible experience for our customers.”

MarketDial’s platform empowers retailers like Dollar Tree to test and optimize different strategies, such as promotions, pricing, labor, and product placement. The platform’s analytics and reporting features provide insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing retailers to make data-driven decisions that improve sales and customer satisfaction.

“We are thrilled to be working with Dollar Tree, a leader in the discount retail industry,” said Morgan Davis, CEO, and co-founder of MarketDial. “Our platform is designed to help retailers optimize their in-store strategies and increase customer satisfaction, and we believe that Dollar Tree’s commitment to providing unbeatable prices aligns perfectly with our mission. We look forward to supporting Dollar Tree’s growth and evolution in the coming years.”

About Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree, a Fortune 200 Company, operated more than 16,293 stores across 48 states and five Canadian provinces as of October 29, 2022. Stores operate under the brands of Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree Canada. To learn more about the Company, visit or

About MarketDial

MarketDial helps retailers create a culture of experimentation for their physical locations with a user-friendly in-store testing solution. The MarketDial platform is intentionally easy, enabling robust insights, creating your source of truth faster and cost-effectively, and providing support that is championed by a customer success team who truly helps you succeed. We support both data scientists and non-data scientists alike—everyone who needs to know “what if.”

That’s why more than 100 leading companies and global brands rely on MarketDial to reveal opportunities for sure success before they risk repeat failure. 

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