MarketDial announces generative AI for retail discovery

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Explore AI will allow retailers to get immediate visual answers to complex data questions. 

Salt Lake City, November 28, 2023 – MarketDial is pleased to announce Explore AI, an AI-powered retail data-discovery tool. As part of its services, MarketDial cleans, integrates, and maintains data feeds for designing in-store A/B tests. Explore AI will now apply the power of large-language models (LLMs) in generative AI to these feeds to rapidly create visual charts, graphs, and tools for data interpretation.

Explore AI can synthesize data in a matter of seconds, providing users with instant access to prompt data visualizations. The new capabilities will enable MarketDial clients to ask queries and get fast responses depicted in a variety of charts.

“Organizations often have these massive data sets that are full of possible insights but difficult to untangle. MarketDial’s in-store A/B testing platform and data engineers have been keeping data feeds organized since day one. By adding groundbreaking generative AI technology, MarketDial is placing immediate data insights at your fingertips,” says Morgan Davis, MarketDial CEO and cofounder. 

Newly announced capabilities will include:

  • User-friendly interface and dashboard
  • Visual interpretations of data in seconds
  • Multiple graph and chart formats
  • Technology trained on your data, including hierarchies

To learn more about how MarketDial’s ExploreAI can help your retail business make smarter decisions, email [email protected].

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MarketDial helps retailers achieve confidence in their decisions by automating the data science needed for rigorous A/B testing in physical retail. The MarketDial platform is user-friendly, generating robust insights to extract a source of truth faster, with support that is championed by a customer success team who helps retailers truly succeed. MarketDial cost-effectively empowers every retailer who needs to know, “What if?”

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