How do you measure Retail Media Network success?

$52 Billion

Will be spent by brands on RMN in 2023 with almost zero ROAS attribution.

Test to understand what promotions are producing optimal return on ad spend across vendors and channels.

$700 Million

Companies earning over $1B stand to gain $700M in three years by investing in CX.

Test to find the Goldilocks of customer satisfaction. Know if your RMN campaigns are underwhelming, overwhelming, or just right.

$886 Billion

Current valuation of the global AdTech industry. Which tech is right for you?

Test to learn which RMN tech investments are generating the highest ROI at your sites: geofencing, smart screens, RFID, all of the above.

Validate Value

While leveraging the untapped revenue of selling on-site advertising appeals to retailers, there is an increasing tension between enhancing the customer journey without hampering it with advertising overload. To further complicate things, partners and manufacturers need attribution to validate the model and justify the cost. Yet unlike online marketplaces, attributing in-store advertising spend to definitive sales can be difficult. 

Many solutions to these dilemmas are expensive and resource intensive, but MarketDial offers a turnkey solution with statistically accurate A/B testing that follows best practices used in digital advertising. 

Measure Merit

 By testing RMN sites against control sites, retailers can:

  • Measure CX. Assess customer responsiveness to varying campaigns through lift fluctuations.
  • Measure attribution. Learn how promotions are driving both product and category sales.
  • Measure AdTech. Compare how different advertising technologies are performing against one another.

Analyze Attribution

MarketDial’s analytic tools allow marketers to see how other basket items are impacted by promotions, explore lift, and even identify ideal sites for rollout. Most retailers already conduct these tests and analyses online. Now it’s time to get the same attribution data for physical retail locations. 

Test your initiatives with with retailers

Ready to test us out? The testing data that MarketDial can provide will give you more complete data than any other platform. Learn more about our testing expertise

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—Doug Frank, Head of Space and Insights/General Manager for Data and Analytics, Woolworths