How DICK’S Sporting Goods leverages testing to take data-driven action


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What to expect in this webinar:

  • Learn how DICK’S Sporting Goods applies a data-driven approach to its in-store decisions 
  • See the type of testing DICK’S conducts to determine optimal results
  • Hear how MarketDial supports effective in-store retail testing through a defined six-step process

Retail leaders know that taking data-driven decisions is important. But when it comes to in-store initiatives, they often implement programs without testing them — or by testing them far less rigorously than necessary. Until companies see the value of in-store retail testing in action, they might not understand the benefits it can deliver.

Leading omnichannel retailer DICK’S Sporting Goods takes a highly data-driven approach to the strategies it implements in-store. In partnership with retail testing vendor MarketDial, DICK’S has leveraged testing to make decisions that directly impact in-store engagement, customer experience and its bottom line.

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