A toast to testing: July 2023

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MarketDial champions all retailers who test. And, while we undoubtedly want retailers to test with us, we believe anyone conducting tests deserves a shout out. Join us each month as we raise a toast to some of the remarkable initiatives being tested by diverse retail organizations.

Sunset Lover tests compostable fashion

The Australian resort wear company Sunset Lover has teamed up with Neutrog, Peats Group, and BiobiN to develop and test compostable clothing, focused on circularity. The brand already utilizes natural fibers to aid in compostability, and the next phase of testing for this unique clothing line involves actually composting the garment and checking the compost to check for toxins.

Adidas, Inditex, Target, and Zalando test footwear recycling

Fashion for Good and FastFeetGrinded, a footwear recycler, have joined forces with Adidas, Inditex, Target, and Zalando to pilot the recycling program, moving the footwear industry towards a more circular process. The retailers will work to divert shoes to FastFeetGrinded whose innovative technology can transform the shoes into secondary raw materials, such as midsoles, outsoles, and flip flops.

Weis Market tests shopping cart rental system

When it comes to cutting labor costs or preventing theft and damage, it can be tricky to know how consumers will respond, but testing provides a clear-cut answer. Weis Markets is testing to learn if charging customers a quarter for a cart will prevent theft, damage, labor increases, and subsequent price hikes. While customers may be inconvenienced by needing to have a quarter on hand in order to shop, they get the quarter back for returning the cart — saving the store significant amounts at essentially no cost to consumers.

Lowe’s and Petco expand store-in-store test pilot

One of the primary reasons to test on a small scale before large scale rollout is to know the ROI on an initiative before making a significant investment. Based on a pilot at 15 locations, Lowe’s sand Petco Health + Wellness Company Inc. will be expanding the store-in-store program to 300 locations by the year’s end. Particularly in rural areas, consumers will now be able to pick up everything needed for home and farm in one location.

Chestnut Market tests energy spray

Convenience store chain Chestnut Market understands the meaning of convenience. Recognizing that many of its customers need caffeine while they’re on the go, Chestnut Market has opted to pilot the addition of the caffeinated energy spray by VAE. With a mix of amino acids and caffeine, three sprays can provide as much caffeine as that found in a five-ounce cup of coffee. The launch will feature two flavors: mint and mango, with mocha being added to the line up this fall.

Chick-fil-A tests walk-up window in Hawaii

Chick-fil-A has opened a dual-lane drive through in Makiki. While drive through lanes at fast-food restaurants is nothing new, what is new is the store will also have three walk-up windows for pedestrians. With no dine-in services offered at the location, the walk-up windows add a layer of convenience for customers seeking a tasty, quick bite to eat.

How about you? What are you testing? Did you know testing enables you to see the impact of your ingenious ideas before implementing a large-scale rollout?

Make informed decisions by putting all your retail initiatives to the test with MarketDial. Learn more about the retailers who trust us as their test-and-learn partner, and read about the exciting things tested and toasted by MarketDial here: Case Studies

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