Retail testing trends: Shifting focus in stores

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Many retailers A/B test online, but did you know that A/B testing in physical stores is also making waves? Learn what retailers most commonly tested in 2023 and what trends are shaping the in-store retail testing landscape.

Numerous retailers have partnered with us to test everything from merchandising, marketing, pricing, operations, and more, and we wanted to share with you some of the emergent testing trends we have seen in 2023.

Omnichannel strategy 

With the evaporation of third-party cookies, retailers have been increasingly interested in finding a way to evaluate how online advertising is leading to in-store sales and foot traffic. Given A/B testing’s ability to segregate promotions by factors such as geographic regions, retailers have had the opportunity to test and determine the effectiveness of their various promotional strategies across channels.

Retail Media Networks

More and more retailers are discovering the value of using in-store technology to advertise products. Convenience stores are adding screens and toppers to their gas pumps and testing to see how that impacts sales of featured products at the register. Grocers and specialty retailers are integrating kiosks that offer discounts and sample products for loyalty members.

Stock Loss

Always a challenge when prices rise, stock loss seems to be on the forefront of many retailers’ minds. Testing everything from gated exits, competitor self-checkout lanes, security technology, and locks on high-risk items, retailers have repeatedly prioritized stock loss testing.


With inflation fluctuations, strategic pricing has become a pivotal player. Of particular note, retailers have been concerned with how to position private labels against popular brands, juggling the need for both products to remain relevant and competitive.

Labor models

Keeping on-site employees trained and happy in an era of work-from-home remains a challenge. Integrating staffing models that support both the employee and the customer has been an essential part of retail success, and testing those models out to ensure everyone has a positive experience in stores has been a priority for many retailers this year. 


Competing against oneself is not usually considered a lucrative strategy, but we have seen a slight uptick in retailers interested in finding creative ways to boost sales – even if that means positioning products in locations that directly compete against their name brand stores. 

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