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Insights from Mark Abraham of The Boston Consulting Group

Mark Abraham, the Practice Area Leader for Marketing and Sales North America and the Global Lead for Personalization and Digital Marketing for The Boston Consulting Group sat down with MarketDial to discuss modern personalization in retail and how to deliver the right individual experience in the right channel at the right time. 

Personalization done well can significantly benefit the retailer. Research conducted by BCG found that when the shopping experience was highly personalized customers bought more items, spent more money, and have experienced a higher net promoter score.

During the webinar, Mark gave us five key tips for building and investing in personalization. With the right plan you can make the shopping experience for consumers easy, fast, intuitive, and seamless across multiple touch points. Building these personalization capabilities is critical for maximizing the value of the vast amount of data acquired. These five steps can assist retailers in delivering personalization at scale. 

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