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MarketDial combines the power of AI with your data to provide accurate, actionable insights for every retail decision. Whether you want to explore promotions, pricing, merchandising, operations, real estate, retail media network attribution, omnichannel impacts, or more, we’ve got you covered.

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The best of the best use MarketDial to optimize their retail operations

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Test to stay ahead of the curve

When you know an outcome will succeed or flop before you invest in it, you have a clear advantage over those who invest and discover the outcome in hindsight.

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Ensuring that MarketDial is embedded into our processes and disciplines is by far the most important thing we’re doing right now.

Doug Frank, Head of Space and Insights/General Manager for Data and Analytics

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The MarketDial platform offers the flexibility and value we need to optimize our in-store strategies and ensure that we are providing the best possible experience for our customers.

Michael DeVries, VP, Transformation Management Office

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Our partnership with MarketDial will help us learn fast and invest in those initiatives we know will provide the most value to our guests.

Pierre Hakim, Vice President, Data and Analytics

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If the question is about saving time with MarketDial, I will tell you that it can save you time, but time may not even be the biggest factor; it’s the money that you can save – the money it can save you by not making mistakes is, from a fiduciary standpoint, extremely important to us in our organization.

Joey Hobson, Executive Director of Category Management

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MarketDial has been an incredible partner, with their expertise matched by their responsiveness. They work to address complex business tests to arrive at an answer that we believe in and trust.

Steve Cirulis, Chief Financial Officer

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After we launch there is no redo button, and we have to guarantee that we can gain some insights somehow. As we move forward in all important investments in our company and our offerings to our customers, testing is playing a very critical role in the determination of our success.

Carrie Gosnell, Data Scientist

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The MarketDial team has proven to be a strategic, flexible partner that works closely with us on our needs to turn customer data and insights into actions.

Kristin Boyle, VP, Athlete Insights & Marketing Analytics

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Test to illuminate optimal retail solutions

Drive traffic from the pump to the register

Your customers choose your location for a reason. Why not tell them about your awesome limited-time breakfast item? Test to gain foresight into targeted food promotions, EV installation benefits, gas payment methods, loyalty behavior, employee engagement, and demographic influences.

Need something else tested? No problem. You’re fully covered.

Aisles and shelves filled with various food products in side grocery convenience store.

Give your product a front-row seat

Treat your products like the VIP’s they are. Know exactly where products should be placed when your customers are ready to buy. MarketDial lets you test to gain foresight into blocking strategies, brand affinity, package design, display sizes, shelf space, product attributes, pricing strategies, planograms, and promotions.

Need something else tested? No problem. You’re fully covered.

Aisles and shelves filled with various food products.

Measure consumers’ changing tastes

Your customers need to eat. It’s kinda part of our DNA. But what they’re buying while at your store depends on various factors, and while you can’t always control those factors, you can control how you identify, adapt to, and accommodate shifting consumer needs. Test to gain foresight into consumer behavior, effective product blocking, product correlations, targeted marketing, display technologies, pricing changes, competitor impact, food preparation options, layouts, employee satisfaction, sustainability initiatives, and sourcing strategies.

Need something else tested? No problem. You’re fully covered.

Grocery store produce section with rows and shelves of vegetables.

Mitigate operating costs and maximize profits

Your customers cleaned their plates, complimented the meal, and left a one-star review. What happened? MarketDial lets you dig into your data and identify hard-to-see consumer trends. Test to gain foresight into factors contributing to employee turnover, menu preferences, condiment distribution, drink distribution, portion control, curbside pickup options, how apps drive physical traffic, and loyalty programs.

Need something else tested? No problem. You’re fully covered.

Plated food at a restaurant table with basket of bread and wine glasses.

Ensure your offerings remain relevant

Your customers are shopping in-store for the experience they can’t have online. Why not give it to them? Test to gain foresight into consumer preferences, pricing, promotions, loyalty, customer experience, merchandising, labor spend, operations solutions, competitor impact, employee satisfaction, incentive programs, new technologies, cannibalization risk, and demographic influences.

Need something else tested? No problem. You’re fully covered.

overhead interior view of retail shopping mall, four different levels of the mall with stores and customers shopping on each floor.
Confidence measurement based on adjustable measurements of stores and lengths of test.

Test to exceed your business goals

Democratize your data across all levels of your organization, maximizing collaboration with uniform results.

Advanced Analytics

Let machine-learning-powered solutions do the heavy lifting for you. Eliminate spreadsheets and time-consuming calculations with automated technology.

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Financial Planning

Protect your bottom line by avoiding initiatives that would deplete shareholder value.

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Definitively know your return on ad spend to enable investing only in campaigns with high returns.

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Gain insights into what blocking, displays, layouts, and product designs are most aligned with current consumer buying patterns.

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Maintain productive inventory flows and reduce employee turnover with valuable insights into both consumer and employee behavior.

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95 NPS

Our partners love the MarketDial app. The user-friendly automation makes testing a snap so you can get answers you need when you need them.

10:1 ROI

Guaranteed. Many clients see an even higher return on investment – sometimes after only one test. With multiple tests, the ROI sky rockets.


Hours saved per test. Now multiply that by 12 tests per month, and you’ve saved almost 1,500 hours. More tests mean even more savings.

Meet Our Team

Our data scientists are your data scientists

MarketDial is more than a testing solutions platform, it’s a partnership. Our high-caliber data scientists become a trusted extension of your team, providing you with dependable, ongoing support whenever you need it. No metered, monthly hours. No hidden costs.

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An Australian supermarket searched for a competitive advantage in a hyper-competitive market. What they found drove sales through employee engagement and customer experience.


MarketDial Announces New Partnership with Casey’s General Stores


The partnership will empower Casey’s to democratize in-store testing by providing a centralized, easy-to-use solution that automates the data science needed to develop and analyze statistically valid brick-and-mortar tests.

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