A toast to testing: October 2023

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MarketDial champions all retailers who test. And, while we undoubtedly want retailers to design their in-store tests on our app, we believe anyone conducting tests deserves a shout out. Join us each month as we raise a toast to some of the remarkable initiatives being tested by diverse retail organizations.

US Navy pilots store redesign for over 300 navy exchanges across world

While the US government might not be the fist outlet to come to mind with retail, the US Navy operates 300+ stores that generated $2.3B in revenue in 2022. While many of these locations appeal to their audience simply by offering products otherwise unavailable in various countries, visual appeal can make a significant difference in buyer behavior and consumer trust. In rethinking merchandising design, the Navy hopes to attract more business and make shopping more accessible and user-friendly. They are piloting their renovations in Oceana with plans for a full-scale rollout.

Chipotle tests a new digital makeline

Get ready for your Chipotle order to be Hyphen-ated. Chipotle and Hyphen have teamed up to test an automated food-preparation process for Chipotle’s bowls and salads. These two entrees can now be created with a system that dispenses ingredients automatically while moving them through the makeline. The goal is to improve the speed with which digital orders and in-store orders can be simultaneously completed, given that almost 65% of digital orders are salads or bowls.

Ulta Beauty tests out SOS smart vending technology

How do you combine loyalty rewards and advertising all in one? Ulta and SOS may have the answer: install a vending machine that can sign up loyalty members, offer monthly free samples, and advertise additional products. The current tech is being piloted in New York, Florida, California, Massachusetts, and Texas.

StockX moves from online resale to in-store retail

StockX, the go-to place to get good-as-new Jordans online, has decided to test out a physical retail store in New York. While it has had four locations — NYC, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and London — for dropping off and verifying merchandise, this will be the first time sellers and shoppers can also buy products in store.

Ready to haggle for that low price?

Iconic London, a makeup retailer with products sold at Sephora, decided to test out Nibble, an online chatbot designed to allow shoppers to negotiate discounts. In 45 seconds, shoppers reach a deal, that for Iconic increased order values by 50%. Testing variable, personalized discounts over blanket discounts is proving insightful for the retailer.

Domino’s and Microsoft pilot AI to optimize operations

What if store managers could focus less on store management and more on employee and consumer satisfaction? Domino’s and Microsoft are joining forces to develop an Innovation Lab aimed at achieving just that. With the help of Azure OpenAI, the two retailers hope to save managers time on inventory, stocking, and scheduling. Pilots on the new technology will begin in the next six months.

How about you? What are you testing? Did you know testing enables you to see the impact of your ingenious ideas before implementing a large-scale rollout?

Make informed decisions by putting all your retail initiatives to the test with MarketDial. Learn more about the retailers who trust us as their test-and-learn partner, and read about the exciting things tested and toasted by MarketDial here: Case Studies

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